by Amy Schmidt

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(free) 02:07


released August 8, 2011

SOON TO BE RELEASED ON VINYL AND COMPACT DISC. Limited copies available. To reserve yours, please write to us at

Thank you, and please enjoy listening.

Engineered and mixed by Riley Friesen at Coda Record House
Mastered by Tony Hillhouse at Fine Tone Recording
Cover art by Collin Geldmeier

Conner Giles- Cello on tracks 1 & 2
Case Maranville- Electric guitar on track 3

All other instruments by Amy Schmidt
Written by Amy Schmidt



all rights reserved


Amy Schmidt Lincoln, Nebraska

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Track Name: Atlantic
If I were a Titanic/ if I sank in the Atlantic/ as you untook me for granted. I stepped out of a taxi/ it was late I'd been out dancing/ to forget that you had kept me waiting.

I woke up in a sleeping bag/ a cup of coffee in my lap/ the light was shining through the window. And then I heard my phone ring/ you were walking home from drinking/ and I told you to stay off the railroad tracks.
Track Name: Just How It Is
Down on my luck/ not a dollar to my name/ this town sucks/ every days the same/ you sat me down and said you look like hell today

I admit I was wrong/ I brought it on myself/ and now I've had enough

If this is how it is/ some things aren't worth fighting for/ its no way to live/ afraid of what you're worth/ if there's something left to give/ this isn't just how it is

If the grass aint greener/ why don't you leave here? Well I'm broke and sleepless/ its not that easy/ you sat me down and said life's too short to be sad all the time/ If you really mean it, you'd better think of something quick/ if you really mean it, you'd better make a run for it

If this is how it is/ some things aren't worth fighting for, anymore/ Its no way to live/ afraid of what you're worth/ so don't be sad all the time/ you can't be sad all the time/ yeah, don't be sad all the time

You can't be sad all the time
Track Name: Glass Jars
Remembering the day we moved in/ hanging paintings on the walls/ back then, the garden was in full bloom/ basil growing waist tall/ drinking whiskey out of glass jars/ everybody sitting in the tree house/ taking walks without our coats/ making angels in the snow on the way home

We hardly went to school on Mondays/ I'd rather sit at home and play the banjo all day/ we turned the backyard into a stage/ strung up the lights, hung up the signs, and struck up the band

I always fell asleep in Kansas/ dreaming sweetly as you drove/ it rained and rained in Mississippi/ the rain followed us home/ we spent the holiday in Georgia/ five people riding in one car/ cleaning up after our parties/ planning the next adventure

Now I'm sitting in the attic pushing boxes around, pushing boxes around/ sitting by the window looking out, looking down
Track Name: Hey John
Hey John, I've been singin your song/ and it makes me happy again/ I heard from a friend, you aren't doin so well/ and we don't know whether you're alive, or dead

You asked politely to kiss me/ I didn't have it in me/ to fall in love that day/ callin in the middle of the night/ about to take your own life/ calm down, you're fine/ I didn't know what else to say

You showed me all around the town/ I even let you take me out/ spending our days in the sun/ but I've been hearin voices too/ tellin me to keep away from you
Track Name: Upstream
The great Missouri/ floods its banks/ you never told me how to/ swim upstream

Straight after college/ you married and settled down in this sleepy town/ where you raised me/ hoping I'd never leave